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Traffic Crew/Services: Standard Two TCP's, Truck & Equipment
Traffic Crew/Services: Alternative #1 One TCP, Truck, Equipment & TC-12
Traffic Crew/Services: Alternative #2 One TCP, Truck and Equipment (no TC-12)
Flagging Crew Two TCPs, Truck & Equipment
Additional TCP Extra TCP to add to existing Traffic Crew


Traffic Crew/Services: Standard Two TCPs, Truck & Equipment
Crash Truck Crash Truck & Operator only

 Rental Equipment

TC-12 Arrow Board Trailer

 Other Services

Planning Preparation of Computer Generated Traffic Management Plans
Permits and Notifications Preparation of applications for encroachment, traffic and right-of-way notifications and permits


Extra charges for Equipment may apply, if required.
Extra charges for Truck may apply, if required.


* Travel Time, Minimum Charges and Fuel Charges quoted as required.

Key Information

What You Need to Know About JTS Inc.

  • Certified Skilled and Motivated TCP's
  • Safe and New Equipment
  • Highly Visible Uniforms
  • GPS Guided
  • $10m Liability Coverage
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